Performing Arts Classes


Our Performing Arts classes include learning all three disciplines of Singing, Dancing and Acting. Classes will typically include theatre games and warm-ups, learning songs and dances - usually in the style of Musical Theatre or Commercial Pop, and working on scripts or improvisation. Classes are typically 45 mins - 1hour 15 mins depending on age groups .For those more serious about Performing Arts there are opportunities to perform in shows and take L.A.M.D.A exams in Musical Theatre or Acting.


Dance. Cheer. Stunt

Cheerleading is a dance and sport that has emerged from America and has become popular in the UK in recent years. Cheerleading classes include energetic dance and jumps, pom dance (dancing with pom poms), gymnastics, cheers and chants, and stunts. Classes are suitable for absolute beginners. Students will have the chance to enter Cheerleading competitions if they so wish.

Street Dance

Urban Funk Street Dance

Street Dance is a fast paced dance style that is danced to pop/commerical or hip-hop music. Street Dance classes include warm-ups and learning different routines. Within the routines and through the classes students will learn different techniques and Street Dance Styles inclduing Hip-hop, House, Break-dance, Locking and Wacking amongst others. For those more serious about Street Dance there will be opportunites to compete in competitions and to take exams. Our Street Dance classes still run under our specialist Street Dance school 'Urban Funk Street Dance' which has been running classes for over 15 years. We have Street Dance Crews (competition teams) that have been extremely successful, including winning the title of 'British Under 16 Champions' with Street Dance International in 2013.

Contemporary Dance

Sometimes refered to as Lyrical or Expressive Dance

Contemporary Dance (the main dance style seen on the popular tv programme 'Dance Moms'!) is a modern dance style that is very expressive and often has a theme, tells a story, or reflects the lyrics of a song. It combines elements of modern, jazz and ballet dance but is much more 'free' and less rigid than the more classical dance styles. Classes will consist of Warms-ups, limbering, technique and learning routines. Students will have the chance to enter competitons/festivals and/or take exams if they so wish.

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance is the predominant style of Dance seen in Musical Theatre. Dancers will learn technique and typical Jazz style moves including leaps and turns, as well as learning Jazz style routines to pop songs and musical theatre songs. There will be opportunities to take part in shows and competitions as part of this class.